Candid Wedding Photography

Your wedding is a special milestone in your life and in the life of those around you. Why not make it even more exciting by getting some of the best wedding photographers in India to capture these magical moments.

Indian weddings are epics of their own accord, with so many stories and cherish-able memories in the making. We’ll ensure that through our candid wedding photography; most of those emotions are preserved for a life-time. Our candid wedding photographers take a photo-journalistic approach to document your wedding and present an interesting story and a unique perspective of your wedding. This ensures that each and every wedding that we cover retains its uniqueness – even when we look at the wedding pictures. This is in stark contrast to what traditional studio photographers have been doing – capturing weddings in similar fashion – where it is extremely different to tell the difference in various weddings through the photographs.

Our wedding photographers ensure that they capture much more than just ensuring the presence of relatives and friends at the wedding! These freestyle wedding photographs taken without flash or posing cover unique emotions and moments – many of which may not get noticed otherwise through wedding photography.

Our wedding photographers can shoot during the mainstream events or even be with you at some off-beat locations to capture some fantastic pre-wedding portraits as well. Our photo-technologists will work on each and every picture to give a unique appeal to the picture before we show them. They optimize all pictures both for print and online viewing – so that whatever medium you prefer to see the pictures in, you know that it is fit for both viewing and printing.

To get a feel of what we are capable of, please have a look at our wedding picture gallery as well as our other Wedding Photographer Work Archive Samples.

Cinematic Wedding Videos

A Cinematic Wedding Video is a storytelling film about your Wedding. Whether it is through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music, the video or the cinematic wedding film, is shot very differently where we capture short clips about your event. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shooting to tell a story, not just documenting every single minute of your wedding day.

Want to give your wedding video a different touch? – go for our cinematic wedding videos. In addition to the usual wedding videos, which most of the couples opt for, a cinematic wedding video presents your wedding events in a different light. Being smaller in length, the cinematic wedding video helps to create a story around the event and brings out the nice moments effectively.

With different options in the market and everybody claiming to be better at creating videos than the next, it can be a difficult task to choose, which creative team would be giving you a better result. Our advise would be to look for the previous showcased work of the team and go with the one, which really makes you feel good.

Couple Shoot

You are all set to get married and the countdown to your big day is on! You should give a thought about getting a pre-wedding shoot done as well! The idea behind pre-wedding photography is about savoring the great moments of love, joy, compassion, nervousness and expectations going through the minds of the bride and the groom during the days before the wedding. Pre-wedding photographs can be casual, fun and romantic. They display the chemistry between couples through the camera lens and become memorable moments – to be cherished forever.

Now what are the benefits of a pre wedding shoot…

You get some more fun time with your partner – away from the spotlight! Get to know your photographer… Re-create all those beautiful moments, at your favorite place, as it was before..

Photo-Booth Setup

Your wedding is very special for everyone who knows you. That’s why everyone will try to turn-up at your wedding looking their best! It is not fair to let their sincere efforts be remembered in the wedding album alone.

Surprise them with a picture of themselves printed on the spot within a few minutes of being taken, complete with a frame. Our professional photographers will make sure they look their dazzling best in the prints. They will carry home the finest prints and memories to cherish.

We can do this as a part of a red carpet welcome for your guests or setup an exclusive and customized photo-booth where the photographs can be clicked and prints provided in a customized frame.

Wedding Albums

Get stunning photo albums of your wedding. Classy pictures, appealing layouts and state of the art printing combine together to give you a real feel good wedding album.

We have got amazing options for any budget and requirement.

Choose your album type, the number of pages and some specific pictures you would love to see in your wedding album. We will get to work and surprise you with more than what you could expect.

Wedding Invites

We at SalWeddingPhoto are trying to impact your wedding celebrations by creating exciting video wedding invites for couples who are getting married soon. These wedding invites are individually customized to suite your wedding dates and would have your details. These can be shared with your friends and family through a variety of channels and would help them to remember your wedding date with ease and in style.